Sphere Cyber Security

Cyber crime is a growing problem for organisations worldwide. All businesses face serious threats from hackers, data protection breaches and compliance issues. Without comprehensive security, these can cost your business significant amounts of money.

Sphere Cyber Security Unit is there to assist and help any business in protecting their data. It is our firm believe that in order to defend against hacking attacks we need to take the alternative approach. The alternative approach we offer is physically attacking your systems and networks in order to gain access using the same approach an attacker would use. To beat a hacker you need to think like a hacker

South Africa is a major target when it comes to cyber attacks, mostly because business owners feel that they have no value to offer any attacker. Attackers are not always after information they can use your system as a proxy in order to commit a crime which will then register your Public IP address on the victims machine which can land you into a bit of trouble.

With the POPI ACT soon to commence we can ensure that you not only meet the data protection requirements as prescribed by POPI, you will exceed the requirements, the measures taken to ensure your data is protected by using Sphere Cyber Security unit to test such security is more than reasonable.